AFarmerlife: In distress?

Let us just not even assume, what a dire situation COVID-19 has slammed on our lives!
Amid all this, Mr Modi has yet again come up with something for the rescue to the Farmers.
The Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyaan to boost employment and livelihood opportunities for migrant workers returning to villages, in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak.

Focus: Rural Infrastructure and modern facilities.
Skill Mapping to help them work closer home.

Project worth: Rs 50,000 Crore

Days: 125 days

116 districts of 6 states i.e Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jharkhand and Odisha.

It feels like a ray of hope that something is happening for good. But is it?? Is it a short term play?
Well, it is still my question.
Going back to the old days, no Corona nothing there used to be a term called ” Minimum Support Price” viz. agricultural product price set by the government of India to purchase directly from the farmer.
This looks so promising but trust me the consequences are entirely different:
-MSP: it includes only sowing and labour cost.

  • It has been notified for 23 crops but only 2 to 3 crops are being covered.
  • No infrastructure benefit is provided to the farmers, the farmers could not even cover the rent they have to pay to the zamindar.
  • in case the crops suffer loss, the goverment buy at lower rate.
  • sometimes, the crops are kept as bufferstock due to market forces and economic depression and eventually farmers have to suffer.

It is just like: Grass on the other side always looks greener.
Believe me, a life of a farmer has had never been easy!

I feel, what should have been done earlier is happening now, so let us take a moment to spread a pinch of positivity and thank Corona for the justice yet little but its worth it.

This time, the farmers are going to decide the price and no intervention of government in terms of pricing shall be there.

Hope to hear some positivity and optimism!!

Jai Bharat!🇮🇳


In the era of Kaliyug which is indeed a dynasty of bloodthirsty, vicious, barbaric, atrocious and sadistic people which has now been proved vividly with the constant happening of menacing events by so called ” humans” who are considered as a personification of divine image by God!
Howbeit, the definition has been morphed so long back and we are just continuing the legacy.
Humanity is dying and is loosing its thread and I am no more afraid that soon a human would cut a human for his own self motive.
-Why we are so mean, why can’t we kind to other people? Oh, while we donot have a pinch of kindness towards animals who can’t explain their pain and grief , how come we expect kindness from each other!
It has gone too far, can’t even think of it.😞
why can’t we help for selfless motive
why can’t we listen to other griefs?
Why can’t we just we and stop impersonating others?
why can’t we set aside our ulterior motives.
-why filled with immense amount of jealousy, hatred, enviousness?
My ” why’s are infinite, but this is so hecking sad that we can’t even trust each other.
I have so much deep inside my heart but to spill out my thoughts would be of no use to someone as such henious incidents shall continue to happen.
I feel the biggest virus and smear on the part of humanity is humans!
The Corona virus and others
The Elephant incident
Earthquake and landslides
And much more …are some of the fuits which we are receiving keeping at sake the lives of the people. The seed we reaped for our ulterior motives can’t be spared anymore!!
“A clear cut nod by the universe, If you don’t respect me, I will throw you out of this cosmos!”
Today, I am more likely to say RIP humanity!💔

Depression: Not a solution!

How easy is it to say, I am a great observer. Even I am amid those who felt like, I observe people easily through their actions, gestures and expressions. Sorry, an extreme apology from my side if I have ever said this. We can’t even perceive what a person is going through!!

Every person on this planet is fighting his own rattles and battles, conceiving his or her problem as the biggest. We have to understand the pattern of the ” Universe” which clearly shows that this life is not what you have had expected ever! It is full of despair, turmoil, stress, anxiety, negative energies, dejection, regret, sorrow, pain, tensity, pressure , strain or what not?? We have to understand, amid the chaos we still have to survive facing all the extremities…the hard- headed is life has never been easy but and as along as we are here whe shall experience excruciating pain which may reduce but it is immortal.

So, its very important to please pay attention to the patterns of people who are close to you and show kindness towards them. The world needs most of it. Spread as much happiness as you can.Learn to ignore silly stuffs that no longer gonna serve you. Give time to your family, love them, respect them they are the only one who stand by you no matter what! No money, social status, recognition, love from other can serve you happiness.

Always remember, “self-love is first love! Respect yourself much more than anything.

Sucide, mentall illness, depression, panic attacks are viruses or you can say negative energies which I know we may get infected to it but everything has a solution and we may combat such energies by simple techniques such as yoga, meditation, focus etc. which may look farce to you, but it has amazing ground-breaking results.

My last message is please LiVe your life! Feel the goodness in everything. Whatever yoh have is amazing💜